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2024-26 - Switchboard/Receptionist (Casual) 2 Positions

2024-26 - Switchboard/Receptionist (Casual) 2 Positions

Status: Position Filled


Posting #: 2024-26
Title: Switchboard/Receptionist (Casual) 2 Positions
Department: Chilliwack RCMP - Public Safety and Social Development

The incumbent in this class assists management to achieve an efficient operation at the RCMP Detachment by providing reliable performance in all receptionist, clerical and typist duties, observing the sensitivity of the position and complying with all acceptable security and safety practices in accordance with municipal policies.


The incumbent will perform a variety of receptionist, typing and clerical work of moderate complexity and responsibility; answer and process incoming calls to the appropriate department, individual/dispatcher and, as required, prepare necessary forms and relay to the dispatcher for action; provide a variety of information and general assistance to the public over the telephone and at the receptionist area. The incumbent will be required to type/prepare documents, correspondence/material from copies, rough drafts, dictaphone or general instructions pertaining to complaints and provide typing services for general duty and traffic personnel; file and maintain records, forms, cards and related data and perform routine clerical and traffic clerk tasks as required. The incumbent will also be required to operate the CPIC machine and perform radio dispatch duties as required. The incumbent will be required to perform other related duties as assigned. Assignments and responsibilities are performed under general supervision according to established routine and performance is subject to review, inspection and evaluation by the Administration Manager.
Education: -Must have a minimum of grade 11 education augmented by typing and commercial courses - OR - an acceptable combination of training and experience;
Skills: -Able to operate a switchboard in an acceptable and recognized manner;

-Able to operate a variety of standard office equipment, including the CPIC machine;

-Able to operate radio equipment and perform dispatching duties in accordance with accepted procedures;

-Able to perform clerical, typing and receptionist duties with minimal supervision;

-Able to type accurately and rapidly;

-Good knowledge of business English, switchboard duties and able to perform arithmetic calculations and computations;

-Able to be courteous, tactful and diplomatic in dealing with the public and be neat and presentable in appearance;

-Able to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with department officials and other members of staff;

-Able to qualify for and maintain the required security clearance for the position. Failure on the part of the employee to satisfy this requirement will necessitate the removal of that employee from the position.
Salary: $30.71 per hour plus 12% in lieu of benefits (2024 Rate)
Employment Type: Casual
Closed: 2024-02-21 04:30 PM
Posted: 2024-02-07
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