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2020-26 - Utility III - Mechanical/Electrical (Full Time)

2020-26 - Utility III - Mechanical/Electrical (Full Time)

Status: Cancelled


Posting #: 2020-26
Title: Utility III - Mechanical/Electrical (Full Time)
Department: Operations
Duties: This position will assist management to achieve an efficient operation of the City's storm and sanitary sewer collection and water distribution systems. This is a skilled mechanical/electrical position. You will be required to undertake the maintenance and operation of water and sewer utility infrastructure, observing and complying with municipal policies and recognized and acceptable safety practices.

You will be responsible for the inspection, maintenance and operation of water, sewer and drainage facilities and equipment, receiving oral and written assignments which may be supplemented by sketches and technical drawings.

The incumbent shall be responsible for equipment and materials assigned; planning the work to ensure that site conditions are adequately shown on plans and specifications with work carried out within the time allocated; organizing the labour, materials and equipment to ensure they are available at the time and location required; maintaining control of work orders and expenditures, reporting circumstances of deviation from plans, maintaining a daily record of production quantities, changes in design and increases in the scope of work; ensuring that all acceptable and safety measures are taken to protect personnel, equipment, material and public from injury or damage. The incumbent will be required to perform other related tasks as assigned. Assignments and responsibilities are performed under general supervision and performance is subject to review, inspection and evaluation by the Foreman III - Mechanical/Electrical.

You must all time give priority to ensuring that the water supply to all customers is maintained and ensuring that public health is not endangered. The incumbent shall also give priority to the prevention and control of private property damage due to water escapement or sewer back-up occurring in the City's utility system.
Education: -You MUST HAVE a minimum of Grade 12 education supplemented by courses and five (5) years experience in a variety of skills and trades such as pipe fitting/laying, plumbing, cementing, painting, welding, minor electrical repairs - OR equivalent combination of training and experience;
-You MUST BE be in possession of a valid B.C. Driver's Licence;
-It is desirable that the incumbent is able to achieve a Class III in either Water Distribution and Sewer Collection as per B.C. Certification Program for Operators.

Skills: -Must have superior knowledge of methods, practices, tools and equipment as they relate to the maintenance of mechanical, electrical equipment, controls, instrumentation, telemetry systems (SCADA) that are used throughout the water and wastewater system;
-Must be able to complete courses related to water and sewer systems;
-Must be able to work with computers and various software;
-It is desirable to have knowledge of chlorination practices, including safety and repair, the transportation of materials classified as dangerous good and the use, maintenance and repair of back flow devices;
-Must be able to understand verbal and written instructions in English, complete required forms and perform all facets of related mathematics including a basic understanding of hydraulics of utilities systems such as head losses through pipes and fittings, water hammer, pump characteristics, balancing storages, conversion calculations of flow pressure and head;
-Must be able to recognize and rectify and/or report on actual or potential safety hazards;
-Must be able to lift and carry heavy objects;
-Will be required to familiarize himself with pertinent legislation, regulations and bylaws as provided by the employer;
-Able to read and understand working drawings as they relate to work requirements;
-Must be able to maintain records and prepare and present reports both in oral and written format;
-Must be able to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with department officials and other members of staff;
-Must be able to plan, direct and coordinate the work of subordinates and supervise the work of semi-skilled and skilled workers;
-Must exhibit courtesy, tack and diplomacy in dealing with the public;
-Must ensure that a high standard of housekeeping of the City facilities and work areas, equipment and supplies is maintained;
-Must work in wet, humid and dirty conditions while subjected to odours, fumes and gases underground in manholes and pump stations;
-May be required, at the discretion and expense of the employer, to attend courses, seminars, etc., for the purpose of staying current with changing technology.
Salary: $28.90 - $34.00 (2019 Rates)
Employment Type: Permanent Full Time
Closed: 2020-03-26 04:30 PM
Posted: 2020-03-10
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