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2019-89 - Crime Analyst (Full Time)

2019-89 - Crime Analyst (Full Time)

Status: Position Filled


Posting #: 2019-89
Title: Crime Analyst (Full Time)
Department: Chilliwack RCMP
Duties: The incumbent in this class assists management to achieve an efficient operation within the Upper Fraser Valley Regional Detachment by providing reliable performance in all crime analysis work associated with the Crime Analyst position. Also, observes the sensitivity of the position and complies with all acceptable security practices, RCMP and municipal policies and procedures. This position will support the Upper Fraser Valley Regional Detachment office and its principle clients regarding the delivery of intelligence analysis services.

The incumbent will be required to perform specialized research work involving the application of moderately advanced research and analytical techniques to support criminal investigative activities. The incumbent will be required to collect, evaluate, analyze and interpret a wide variety of investigative and intelligence data and information. The incumbent will perform duties such as monitoring and identifying crime patterns, trends and other factors; participating and providing analytical support in the development of projects and programs; preparing reports and recommendations based upon analysis; and establishing and maintaining liaison with a variety of internal and external contacts.

The incumbent will be required to design and develop a data collection strategy which involves collecting, assembling, analyzing and interpreting a wide variety of investigative and intelligence data to prepare documents in various formats that provide suspect-crime correlation, target-suspect data, etc. to provide assistance to an RCMP investigation.

The incumbent will be required to collect, organize and analyze crime statistical data with respect to criminal activity and known offenders, evaluate/correlate and identify crime series and crime patterns and trends which is used by RCMP management to determine resource allocation and enforcement strategies;

The incumbent will be required to convert/translate criminal intelligence data/research into a variety of formats such as crime point and density maps with narrative interpretation, link association charts, time lines, comparative graphs, crime statistical reports with narrative interpretations, interrogation props and other media related to crime-suspect information and crime trends/patterns, for the use of RCMP management and RCMP operational units in operational decision making. The incumbent will also be required to provide crime statistical reports to the Mayor and Council on request.

The incumbent will be required to develop and deliver oral presentations and/or provide crime trend briefings to a range of RCMP senior managers and operational personnel, utilizing specialized technology and makes recommendations on deployment of resources, potential/proposed criminal targets and crime clusters/hot spots.

The incumbent will be required to perform special research projects on request from RCMP management and to monitor the daily thermostat of crime to provide advice to RCMP management relative to implementing crime reduction strategies.

The incumbent will be required to establish and maintain a network of internal contacts with other colleagues in other Police Departments and units, within the Divisional Criminal Intelligence Program, to exchange information relevant to crime trends that cross policing jurisdictions, to discuss mutual areas of concern, and to share/exchange best practices.
Education: A University degree from an accredited College or University with major course work in Criminology, Administration of justice, Behavioral science or related field, and with course work in statistical analysis;

Must have successfully passed the RCMP National Test for Intelligence Analysts

Working knowledge of applicable national law enforcement data systems including, but not limited to, PIRS, PRIME, CPIC.

Skills: Sound knowledge of the Criminal Justice system and its components as related to the work performed;

Ability to perform detailed research and analytical tasks; to interpret statistical and narrative data and prepare forecasts, projections and reports;

Ability to present conclusions and recommendations both orally and in written form;

Considerable knowledge of research, statistical and analytical principles, practices, procedures, methods and techniques;

Considerable knowledge of the RCMP organization and functions of various internal sections, and of the regulations, policies and practices governing the work performed;

Ability to contribute to the development, planning and implementation of various crime reduction strategies and Detachment initiatives;

Sound knowledge of the rules, regulations and policies governing the work performed.

Ability to operate a variety of standard office equipment.

Ability to memorize and retain applicable statistic codes.

Ability to be polite, courteous and tactful in dealing with RCMP and municipal employees and be neat and presentable in appearance.

Able to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with RCMP and other members of the staff.

Good knowledge and ability to type at least 50 wpm.

Ability to keep all information in confidence in compliance with the Privacy Act and Freedom of Information Act.

Ability to perform work assigned under general supervision.

Possess a valid British Columbia Driver’s Licence.

Ability to qualify for and maintain the required security clearance for the position.
Failure on the part of the employee to satisfy this requirement will necessitate the removal of that employee from this position.

Salary: $37.09 – $43.64 per hour per (2019 rates)
Employment Type: Permanent Full Time
Closed: 2019-09-25 04:30 PM
Posted: 2019-09-11
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