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2019-45 - Electronic File and Technical Crime Support Coordinator (Full Time)

2019-45 - Electronic File and Technical Crime Support Coordinator (Full Time)

Status: Position Filled


Posting #: 2019-45
Title: Electronic File and Technical Crime Support Coordinator (Full Time)
Department: Chilliwack RCMP
Duties: The incumbent in this class will assist management to achieve an efficient operation with the RCMP through reliable performance in preparing Disclosure Reports to Crown Counsel and providing Technical Crime support, observing and complying with Municipal and R.C.M.P. Policies and ensuring the safety and security of confidential material pertaining to the Detachment's operation.

The incumbent will perform functions varying in degree of complexity and responsibility by performing all the associated duties of an Electronic File Coordinator as well as providing Technical Crime support to the RCMP on a daily basis; working closely with the RCMP investigator to provide a disclosure package to Crown Counsel on Serious Crime files; retrieve and manage audio and video evidence from electronic devices seized during an RCMP investigation; maintain continuity of exhibits in possession during retrieval of evidence; follow RCMP Exhibit handling policy and procedures; work with RCMP Integrated Tech Crime Unit in the gathering of evidence from Computer exhibits to determine if they contain evidence justifying a more in depth analysis by Integrated Tech Crime Unit; work with Integrated Tech Crime Unit to perform data extractions from mobile devices such as cell phones; tablets and GPS devices; analyze, filter and generate reports in accordance with the specifics of the search warrant or consent to search and provide findings to the RCMP Serious Crime investigator; develop case specific business rules to create data management solutions that enable effective investigative data analysis; develop and implement practices and conversion requirements for massive amounts of different standard or non-standard information resulting from major case investigations; perform digital computer field triage examinations and write detailed reports documenting the evidence located and the process used to capture the evidence; perform digital mobile field triage examinations utilizing the RCMP Forensic Analysis Computer and Software programs performing in-depth analysis of the contents of the mobile devices and provide detailed reports documenting the evidence found and the process used to extract the data from the device; testify in Court when required.
Education: - Must have a minimum of Grade 12 education, plus a (2) two year post-secondary program in Criminology or related discipline from a recognized post-secondary institution, supplemented by formal post-secondary computer courses or the equivalent combination of training and experience; a minimum of 3 years’ experience working in a police environment.

- Must have a valid BC Drivers Licence.
Skills: - Must have good knowledge of the Criminal Code of Canada and Canada Evidence Act;

- Must have sound knowledge of Law Enforcement Court Procedures;

- Must have good knowledge of Federal, Provincial Statutes and Municipal Bylaws;

- Must have good knowledge of Access to Information and Privacy Act;

- Must be able to obtain and maintain Peace Officer Status;

- Good knowledge of modern office practices and procedures;

- Able to be polite, courteous and tactful in dealing with the public and be neat in appearance;

- Able to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with Crown Prosecutors, Court Personnel, R.C.M.P. Members and other members of staff;

- General knowledge and ability to type;

-Must be proficient in working with computers and the ability to use a variety of different software to analyze and compile electronic data;

- Sound knowledge of methods, procedures, principles and practices used in records management;

- Able to effectively maintain and control records and reports;

- Able to qualify for and maintain the required security clearance for the position, failure on the part of the employee to satisfy this requirement will necessitate the removal of that employee from the position.

The incumbent in this class will be required to work up to 70 hours per pay period and conform to the hours of work as prescribed in published on shift schedules and on occasion, work overtime as authorized. The incumbent, upon hiring, will have union dues deducted from source in accordance with the Collective Agreement. The incumbent will be responsible for performing tasks associated with clerical “housekeeping” duties.
Salary: $32.58 to $38.33 per hour (2019 rates)
Employment Type: Permanent Full Time
Closed: 2019-04-24 04:30 PM
Posted: 2019-04-10
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