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2017-05 - Detachment Clerk II (Part- Time) LTTT

2017-05 - Detachment Clerk II (Part- Time) LTTT

Status: Position Filled


Posting #: 2017-05
Title: Detachment Clerk II (Part- Time) LTTT
This posting is only open to current City of Chilliwack employees.
Department: Chilliwack RCMP
Duties: The incumbent will be required to perform a variety of clerical, typing and receptionist duties requiring moderate complexity and responsibility. The incumbent will assist the police by taking complaints from the general public and processing the complaint by creating an operational file; assigning the applicable Statistic code to the occurrence; reviewing the electronic file for accuracy and completeness; complying with requests from the police to enter related operational file data onto various related police computer programs. The incumbent will be required to complete all reports as assigned and process Criminal Record checks from the general public as directed. The incumbent will be required to serve subpoenas to witnesses on request and liaise with Court Services to notify or cancel police members and support staff on attending scheduled court cases.

The incumbent will liaise with Court Services, Crown and outside police agencies to ensuring the integrity of all police records and systems. The incumbent will be responsible for securing petty cash and perform accounting and bookkeeping transactions as applied to the police operations. The incumbent will ensure all accounting and bookkeeping records are maintained in acceptable and recognized procedures. The incumbent will be required to arrange for funds to be available in highly sensitive investigations with approval from the officer in charge. The incumbent will be required to process deposits and user fees on request. The incumbent will be required to carry out audits on request.

The incumbent will work with outside agencies in the release of operational file information complying with the Privacy Act and Freedom of Information Act as well as police Memos of Understanding in effect.

The incumbent will provide a service to the police by ensuring all incoming correspondence is matched up with the operational file; and that operational files are pulled and forwarded on request. The incumbent will ensure data entry error reports on kept up-to-date as required. The incumbent will be required to maintain a monthly bulk file as well as statistical report on all traffic tickets received. The incumbent will review motor vehicle transfer reports. The incumbent will be required to provide direction and training in relation to administrative functions to police members and administrative staff on request.

The incumbent will be required to perform other related tasks as assigned. Assignments and responsibilities are performed under general supervision according to established routine and performance is subject to review, inspection and evaluation by the Administration Manager.
Education: -Commercial program supplemented by formal training in clerical and receptionist courses and experience working in a police environment - OR the equivalent combination of training and experience;
Skills: -Must have sound knowledge of the methods, practices and procedures used in police computer programs;

-Must have sound knowledge of the rules, regulations and policies governing the work performed;

-Must hold a valid BC Driver's Licence;

-Must be courteous, tactful and diplomatic in dealing with the public and be neat and presentable in appearance;

-Good working knowledge of basic accounting functions;

-Good working knowledge of modern business office practices and procedures;

-Good working knowledge of business English, switchboard duties and be able to perform arithmetic calculations and computations;

-Able to perform assignments with minimal supervision;

-Able to keep all information in confidence in compliance with the Privacy Act and Freedom of Information Act;

-Able to maintain and control records and reports;

-Able to type accurately and rapidly;

-Able to operate a switchboard in an acceptable and recognized manner;

-Able to operate a variety of standard office equipment and computer programs as related to police work;

-Able to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with Police Members, department officials and other members of staff;

-Able to qualify for and maintain the required security clearance for the position. Failure on the part of the employee to satisfy this requirement will necessitate the removal of that employee from the position.
Salary: $24.08 to $28.33/hour (2017 rates)
Closed: 2017-01-19 04:30 PM
Posted: 2017-01-12
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