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2016-72 - Inspection Technician (Full Time)

2016-72 - Inspection Technician (Full Time)

Status: Position Filled


Posting #: 2016-72
Title: Inspection Technician (Full Time)
Department: Development and Regulatory Services
Duties: You will be responsible for all technical work related to engineering inspection work and services; liaising with the public, contractors, engineers, developers, utility and railway companies and making site inspections related to subdivision development, service connections, driveway permits, culvert permits and foreign utility installations; investigating and reporting on technical problems in servicing of subdivisions; inspecting and making recommendations in regard to highway access and basement elevations; approving utility permits; developing and maintaining simplified application forms and procedures for connections to City facilities, bridges, culverts, water, sewer and storm services; answering counter enquiries regarding municipal services; attending committee and other meetings as and when required; writing letters and reports; preparing requisitions, certifying invoices and claims; maintaining records, drawings and files; developing and maintaining as-built records and retrieval systems; preparing standard contract documents for small capital projects. The incumbent will also be responsible for the functions of weed control and soil conservation. The incumbent will perform other related duties as assigned. Assignments and responsibilities are performed under general supervision in accordance with established routine and performance is subject to review, inspection and evaluation by the Land Development Engineer.
Education: Must be a graduate of a Institute of Technology in the two year Civil Engineering Technology Program and should have two years experience related to municipal engineering work and be eligible for certification in the ASTTBC.
Skills: Sound knowledge of engineering principles and practices, civil inspections and technical records, relating to municipal engineering;
Must be in possession of a valid B.C. Driver's Licence;
Sound knowledge of engineering principles and practices, civil inspections and technical records, relating to municipal engineering;
Good knowledge of road construction practices and utilities services practices, materials, methods and equipment employment in municipal engineering work;
Able to use surveying, drafting and calculating instruments;
Able to perform engineering design and layout work with respect to roads and utility services and prepare estimates, drawings, etc.;
Able to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with department officials, developers, contractors, property owners and other members of staff;
Able to communicate effectively, both orally and in written format, with sound knowledge and ability to prepare and present technical and non-technical reports.
Salary: $29.86 to $35.13 per hour
Employment Type: Permanent Full Time
Closed: 2016-09-23 04:30 PM
Posted: 2016-09-12
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