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2013-26 - GIS Programmer

2013-26 - GIS Programmer

Status: Position Filled


Posting #: 2013-26
Title: GIS Programmer
Department: Corporate Services Department
Duties: This position assists management in the efficient and effective operation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and services within the City of Chilliwack. In this position, you will work to respond to the informational needs of the City through the use of an advanced, networked GIS and relational database server to develop complex GIS applications, procedures, queries, thematic maps and reports.

The work includes the following activities:

1. Operate sophisticated engineering workstation computers and peripherals, running advanced GIS applications in a networked, multi-tasking environment;
2. Developing complex spatial and textual database queries and procedures in response to informational requirements provided by the users of GIS data;
3. Develop software to enhance GIS functions in C, C++ or Visual Basic and HTML;
4. Develop macros in VBA or AML to extend the functionality of the GIS platform;
5. Assist in developing standards and practices for GIS operation;
6. Work with CAD software in preparing and converting engineering drawings;
7. Data management and database queries using a relational database server;
8. Evaluation and implementation of new technology;
9. Design, generate and organize thematic spatial data;
10. Accurately entering spatial data via digitizer, mouse or keyboard;
11. Accurately and rapidly entering textual data via keyboard;
12. Produce paper maps using a plotter;
13. Convert data to a variety of formats for use by other organizations and in other applications;
14. Other duties as assigned from time to time.
Education: Must be a graduate of a recognized Institute of Technology of a two-year Geographic Information Systems Technology Program, supplemented with courses in computer programming.
Skills: - Proficient in computer programming in macro and high level languages including C or C++ Visual Basic, HTML, VBA with Arc GIS and AML;

- Knowledge of computer programming in third generation programming languages;

- Extensive knowledge in the use of state of the art GIS systems, including Arc SDE and Geodatabase;

- Ability to perform advanced SQL queries against an Oracle or Microsoft SQL server;

- Extensive knowledge in networked Engineering workstation computers and operating systems;

- Knowledge of cartography and land surveying principles;

- Ability to solve complex problems based on unclear or poorly defined information;

- Working knowledge of networked personal computers and operating systems;

- Working knowledge of the use of spreadsheet, word processing and other office applications;

- Able to evaluate working practices and establish standards for work procedures and the use of technical resources

- Able to work with minimal supervision and to exercise judgment in the performance of duties in accordance with established priorities;

- Able to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with Department officials and other members of staff;

- Ability to write clear and concise procedures, standards and records of work completed.
Salary: $29.16 to $34.32/hour (2013 rates)
Employment Type: Permanent Full Time
Closed: 2013-04-08 04:30 PM
Posted: 2013-03-25
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