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2016-17 - Company Officer - Captain (Full Time) (Internal IAFF Local 2826 Members Only)

2016-17 - Company Officer - Captain (Full Time) (Internal IAFF Local 2826 Members Only)

Status: Position Filled


Posting #: 2016-17
Title: Company Officer - Captain (Full Time) (Internal IAFF Local 2826 Members Only)
This posting is only open to current City of Chilliwack employees.
Department: Fire Department
Duties: The incumbent in this class assists management to achieve safe, effective and efficient operation of the Fire Department through reliable performance and supervision of a company of firefighters tasked with firefighting, rescue, emergency medical operations, and fire prevention duties. The incumbent in this class will observe and comply with local government regulations, departmental policies and safety practices. The Company Officer is responsible for assisting superior officers in maintaining the discipline and morale of the Fire Department, as well as other related duties as assigned. The work is evaluated in terms of effective leadership, performance of assigned staff, adherence to safety regulations, staff development and morale, and condition and maintenance of equipment.

Supervises the command of a company including apparatus, equipment and assigned personnel subject to guidelines, rules, safety regulations and direct orders of a superior officer;

Responds to incidents including fires, rescue, public assistance, emergency medical and first responder action for spills or leaks of hazardous materials and decides how to best resolve or mitigate the situation;

Supervises the servicing, maintenance, cleaning and minor repair of apparatus, equipment and facilities, including the return of apparatus and equipment to service;

Responsible for the company training, including the planning, assessment, and delivery of all company level training, and training of paid-on call firefighters as assigned. Responsible for the development and evaluation of assigned staff through lectures, classes and drills;

Conducts company fire inspections and supervises and/or assists with other fire and life safety inspections, hall tours and fire safety education activities as assigned;

Conducts preliminary fire investigation on fire origin and cause;

Advises the public and enforces fire regulations and City bylaws, and otherwise promotes and maintains effective public relations;

Prepares and maintains a wide variety of records including training records and leave applications;

Maintains discipline, adherence to safety rules and receives and communicates orders and information to staff;

Maintains and oversees equipment inventory assigned to the company;

Participates in the development and implementation of fire preplans; and,

Performs other related duties as assigned.

Education: Must have at least 2 years of Lieutenant experience;

Must have completed Grade 12 education;

Must have completed NFPA 1021 Fire Officer Level 2 and NFPA 1041 Fire Service Instructor Level 1;

Must be physically fit and maintain the standard of fitness required by the Department;

Must be in possession and maintain a BC First Responder Level III License (including AED and spinal endorsement) and a current CPR Level ā€œCā€ certificate; and,

Must possess a valid Class 3 BC Driver's License and Air Brake endorsement.
Skills: Extensive knowledge of emergency scene management using the Incident Command System and BCERMS;

Extensive knowledge of the methods used in firefighting, rescue, hazardous material incidents including decontamination procedures, and other related emergencies;

Extensive knowledge of the operation and maintenance of all firefighting apparatus and equipment;

Extensive knowledge of fire codes, local government bylaws, and fire prevention practices;

Considerable knowledge of the rules, policies and operational guidelines of the Chilliwack Fire Department;

Considerable knowledge of building construction, fire service hydraulics and the geography of the City;

Considerable knowledge of safety regulations as they pertain to firefighter safety;

Good verbal and written communication skills;

Ability to provide effective training lecture/presentations;

Ability to lead others effectively, maintain discipline and foster teamwork:

Ability to react quickly and remain calm and exercise good judgement under duress and stressful conditions;

Ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with all Department officials, all staff members and paid-on call members;

Ability to recognize, rectify and report upon actual or potential safety hazards;

Ability to prepare and maintain a variety of comprehensive records and reports; and,

Ability to use computer for reporting and data collection.

Salary: Per Firefighter Collective Agreement
Employment Type: Permanent Full Time
Closed: 2016-03-07 04:30 PM
Posted: 2016-02-22
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