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2015-48 - Building Inspector (Full Time)

2015-48 - Building Inspector (Full Time)

Status: Position Filled


Posting #: 2015-48
Title: Building Inspector (Full Time)
Department: Development and Regulatory Enforcement Services
Duties: The incumbent in this class will perform a variety of inspectional, regulatory and enforcement work of a technical nature related to the inspection of building construction, plumbing and heating installations and associated tasks, ensuring compliance to the BC Building Code, and Plumbing Codes, applicable bylaws and regulations; check drawings and specifications and carry out inspections during construction of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional occupancies. Incumbents will be required to provide technical advice and information to assist developers, builders, governmental agencies and the public in matters pertaining to applicable construction requirements and will interpret codes, standards and regulations and advise on required changes or corrections. Incumbents will be required to perform some record keeping and clerical tasks, such as preparing and maintaining records, reports and correspondence and providing technical information and assistance to other departments. Incumbents will assist the Manager of Technical Services in checking plans and specifications and give evidence in Court as required and perform other related tasks as assigned. Assignments and responsibilities are carried out in accordance with established routine and performance is subject to review, inspection and evaluation by the Manager of Technical Services.
Education: Must be a graduate of an advanced Building Technology Course specializing in the building trades with qualification in the additional subjects of plumbing and heating; or have successfully completed a Plumbing Apprenticeship Program and be registered as a Journeyman Plumber with the B.C. Government.
Skills: Must have a minimum of ten (10) years experience in the building trades;

Sound knowledge of the National Building Code and a good working knowledge of the B.C. and Canadian Plumbing Codes and other related bylaws, acts, standards and regulations pertaining to the building trade;

Sound knowledge of accepted practices, methods, materials, tools and equipment used in the building trades and/or a sound knowledge of the accepted practices, methods and materials used in the plumbing and heating trades;

Ability to exercise sound technical judgement in ensuring the compliance with and the interpretation and application of the bylaws, codes, regulations and rules while being tactful, firm, courteous and diplomatic in dealing with the public;

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with owners, contractors, tradesmen and other department officials and staff;

Ability to read and interpret plans and specifications;

Ability to prepare and present technical and non-technical written and verbal reports;

Must be in possession of a valid B.C. Driver's Licence.
Salary: $32.91 to $38.71 per hour
Employment Type: Permanent Full Time
Closed: 2015-08-19 04:30 PM
Posted: 2015-08-05
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