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2015-26 - Crime Analyst Assistant

2015-26 - Crime Analyst Assistant

Status: Position Filled


Posting #: 2015-26
Title: Crime Analyst Assistant
Department: Upper Fraser Valley Regional Detachment
Duties: The incumbent in this class assists management to achieve an efficient operation with the Upper Fraser Valley Regional Detachment by providing reliable performance in all clerical work associated with the Crime Analyst Assistant position. Also observing the sensitivity of the position and complying with all acceptable security practices, RCMP and Municipal policies and procedures.
The incumbent will be required to perform specialized clerical work in extracting, reviewing, verifying and maintaining data pertaining to all types of crimes.

Compile and maintain comprehensive intelligence databases, perform statistical analysis of data and provide input to the identification of various crime trends, patterns and relationships.

Assist in the preparation of a variety of analysis products such as profile packages, synopses and information bulletins, maps and charts. Considerable independence and judgment are exercised within the assigned tasks.

Review occurrence reports, identify salient data from a large volume of file information pertinent to specific crime types; summarize, extract and restructure data for entry into various software applications and/or databases; verify scoring accuracy and revise as appropriate.

Request additional information or correction of entries from investigating members prior to the Detachment’s file quality review; maintain comprehensive intelligence databases to be used for analytical, mapping and research functions; apply analytical business rules in describing and formatting information; perform statistical analysis of data as directed; assist in identifying trends and patterns in data.

Assist in the preparation of prolific offender profile packages; assemble pertinent data; write information synopses; assist in the preparation and dissemination of information bulletins.

Assist with the preparation and updates of maps and charts related to investigations; perform regular audits of database information for accuracy and completeness; participate in meetings related to work; present summarized data in the absence of the Crime Analyst; respond to questions.

Collect information from a wide variety of closed and/or open sources of data including web-based programs, automated databases, manual files and electronic devices such as cell phones and PDAs.

Collate and analyze information in order to maintain spreadsheets which assist in the preparation of analytical products such as link charts, timelines, crime maps, statistical reports.

Provides operational, tactical and strategic analysis services through the development and presentation of information in various formats such as written assessments, statistical summaries, link charts and crime maps in order to meet specific needs.

Consult with colleagues and interact with Criminal Analysts and RCMP investigators as part of a team; deliver oral briefings on analytical reports as required; provide training on the extraction and compilation of data, analytical tools and methods, or as a subject matter expert.
Education: Completion of Grade 12 supplemented by courses related to information/
database management plus sound related experience in a policing environment,
or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

Sound knowledge of the methods, practices and procedures used in RCMP computer programs.

Sound knowledge of the rules, regulations and policies governing the work performed.
Skills: The position requires some analytical and research skills, which are normally
acquired through work experience and the completion of some internal and
external training.

Ability to operate a variety of standard office equipment.

Ability to memorize and retain applicable statistic codes.

Ability to be polite, courteous and tactful in dealing with RCMP and municipal employees and be neat and presentable in appearance.

Ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with RCMP and other members of the staff.

Ability to type at least 50 wpm.

Ability to keep all information in confidence in compliance with the Privacy Act
And Freedom of Information Act.

Ability to perform work assigned under general supervision.

Ability to qualify for and maintain the required security clearance for the position.
Failure on the part of the employee to satisfy this requirement will necessitate the removal of that employee from this position.

Salary: $23.25 to $27.36 per hour (2015 rates)
Employment Type: Permanent Full Time
Closed: 2015-04-23 04:30 PM
Posted: 2015-04-16
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