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2015-04 - Supervisor III – Utility Underground

2015-04 - Supervisor III – Utility Underground

Status: Position Filled


Posting #: 2015-04
Title: Supervisor III – Utility Underground
Department: Operations
Duties: The incumbent in this class assists management to achieve an efficient operation at the City's sewer collection and water distribution systems and installation of storm drainage systems, through reliable performance in staff supervision and the maintenance, installation and repair of the City's sewer collection and water distribution systems and installation of storm drainage systems, observing and complying with municipal policies and recognized and acceptable safety practices.
The incumbent in this class is a first-line working supervisor responsible for supervision of subordinates, works projects and equipment; planning, directing and coordinating the work of subordinates and projects; training, disciplining and evaluating the performance of staff; assigning work of subordinates and ensuring an acceptable standard of completion; assessing the performance of personnel and equipment under his supervision and preparing written reports on personnel and equipment. The incumbent, under supervision, will be responsible for the maintenance, installation and repair of the City's sewer collection and water distribution systems and installation of storm drainage systems and related facilities and equipment, receiving oral and written assignments which may be supplemented by sketches and blueprints. The incumbent shall be responsible for equipment and materials assigned to him; organizing the labour, materials and equipment to ensure they are available at the time and locations as required; ensuring that all safety measures necessary are taken to protect personnel, equipment, material and the public from injury or damage. The incumbent will be required to perform other related tasks as assigned. Assignments and responsibilities are performed under general supervision and performance is subject to review, inspection and evaluation by the Supervisor. During prolonged absences of the Utilities Superintendent, the incumbent may be required to act in this capacity.

The incumbent shall at all times give priority to ensuring that the water supply to all customers is maintained and to ensure that public health is not endangered. The incumbent shall also give priority to the prevention and control of private property damage due to water escapement or sewer backup occurring in the City's utility system. The incumbent, as directed, shall also be responsible for coordinating the work of City staff with that of contractors engaged by the City.
Education: Must have completed grade 12 or equal with courses in trades, such as pipe- fitting, plumbing, cementing, carpentry, welding, etc., with previous experience in a supervisory role, augmented with formal training in effective supervision - OR - an equivalent combination of training and experience;

Must be in possession of a valid B.C. Driver's Licence;

Have or be able to obtain Class II in both water distribution and sewer collection as per B.C. Certification Program for Operators
Skills: Superior knowledge of the operational, construction and/or maintenance methods, materials, equipment, procedures and practices used in the City's sewer collection and water distribution operation;

-Superior knowledge of system testing of underground piping, disinfecting procedures and flushing;

-Have an up to date understanding of sewer pump stations, water wells, intakes, storage operations and sewage pump station;

-Sound knowledge of the methods, procedures, principles, and practices of equipment and tools used that are applicable to the work, including use of a surveyor's level;

-Able to understand verbal and written instructions in English, complete required forms and perform all facets of related mathematics including understanding of basic hydraulics of utilities systems including head losses through pipes and fittings, water hammer, pump characteristics, balancing storages, conversion calculations of flow pressure and head;

-Able to recognize and rectify and/or report on actual or potential safety hazards;

-Able to lift and carry heavy objects;

-Good knowledge of the hazards and safety precautions required in the work place as per W.C.B. Regulations;

-Familiar with Federal and Provincial Fisheries Regulations;

-Familiar with Department of Health Regulations;

-Able to read and understand working drawings as they relate to work requirements;

-Able to estimate time, labour, material and equipment requirements for construction and maintenance work as relating to sewage collection, pipes, storm drainage, and water distributions systems;

-Able to maintain records and prepare and present reports both in oral and written format;

-Able to work with a minimum of supervision;

-Able to plan, direct and coordinate the work of subordinates;

-Able to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with department officials and other members of staff;

-Able to exhibit courtesy, tact and diplomacy in dealing with the public;

-Able to ensure that a high standard of housekeeping of the City facilities and work areas, equipment and supplies is maintained;

-Able to work in wet, humid and dirty conditions while subjected to odours fumes, and gases underground in manholes and pump stations;

-It is desirable that the incumbent hold or be able to obtain a minimum Basic Survival First Aid Ticket within a reasonable time (next available course);

-The incumbent shall be required, at the discretion of the City, to attend courses, seminars, etc., for the purpose of staying current with changing technology

The incumbent will normally work a standard work week of Monday to Friday and must perform standby duties as required. The incumbent must be of good health and able to work outdoors regardless of weather. Travel will be required in the performance of duties. The incumbent, upon hiring, will have union dues deducted from source in accordance with the Collective Agreement.
Salary: $29.08 -$34.22 (2015)
Employment Type: Permanent Full Time
Closed: 2015-01-28 04:30 PM
Posted: 2015-01-21
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