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2014-47 - Cashier Part Time (LTTT)

2014-47 - Cashier Part Time (LTTT)

Status: Position Filled


Posting #: 2014-47
Title: Cashier Part Time (LTTT)
This posting is only open to current City of Chilliwack employees.
Department: Recreation & Culture
Duties: Responsible for receiving monies from patrons using the arenas; giving out of tickets; maintaining accurate financial reports; balancing monies to cash float and ticket sales; ensuring safekeeping of monies after each shift. The incumbent will perform other related duties as assigned. Assignments and responsibilities are performed under general supervision and performance is subject to review, inspection and evaluation by the Arenas Supervisor.

Skills: -Able to understand verbal and written instructions in English, fill in simple forms, count and perform addition and subtraction;
-Able to exhibit courtesy, tact and diplomacy in dealing with the public and be neat and presentable in appearance;
-Must be able to demonstrate skill in the use of equipment and materials provided;
-Able to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with department officials and staff.
Salary: $16.24 per hour
Employment Type: Permanent Part Time
Closed: 2014-09-19 04:30 PM
Posted: 2014-09-12
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