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E1402 - Election Officials

E1402 - Election Officials

Status: Position Filled


Posting #: E1402
Title: Election Officials
Department: Corporate Services
Duties: Presiding Election Officials are responsible for the conduct of voting at the voting places for the upcoming general local election.
Skills: Previous experience in local government elections and knowledge of the
current election legislation would be an asset. Applicants should have a basic
understanding of the election process; excellent communication skills; the ability to
demonstrate a professional manner; and exhibit a commitment to the entire election
process. Reliability; accuracy; good administration skills; attention to detail; the
ability to read and understand legislation and regulations; and the capability to
remain calm under pressure are desirable skills.
Your responsibilities will include:
" Assisting in the hiring of election offi cial staff for the voting place;
" Overseeing voting and counting procedures;
" Working with and managing other election offi cials;
" Organizing and set-up of the voting place;
" Responding with knowledge and courtesy when dealing with electors,
candidates, their agents, and the media.
Employment Type: Casual
Closed: 2014-07-16 04:30 PM
Posted: 2014-06-25
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